4 Weeks Beginner's Program

Make Mindfulness A Lifestyle Choice

Form a habit of practising mindfulness and gratitude in your daily routine with this 21 day program. You will be guided and supported throughout this program.

Mindfulness Meditation Class
Mindfulness Meditation Class

There are 4 x 1 hour personalised sessions and daily exercises in this 21 days program, to help you reset your old unhealthy patterns and integrate healthy self-care practice into your daily routine.

Along with an enrolment handout, you shall receive a copy of our 4 weeks gratitude journal "My Blissful Self" and a 5ml bottle of Wild Orange essential oil to get you started on your wellness journey.

Program Overview (1 hour session per week)

Session 1:

  • Simple Awareness & Focus building

  • Introduction to Mindfulness & its benefits

  • How to integrate essential oils in this practise

  • Breathing & Listening exercises

  • Body Scan

Session 2:

  • Dealing with Thoughts

  • Managing everyday life Stress

  • Thinking exercises & Meditation

  • Stretching & Body movement

Session 3:

  • Dealing with difficult emotions/ sensations

  • Managing Pain, Anger & Conflict with Mindfulness & Communication

  • Formal meditation exercises

Session 4:

  • Self Compassion & Kindness

  • Conclusion

Note: Every session constitutes uniquely crafted creative activity & some informal mindfulness exercises to integrate into your daily routine to have a healthier & happier lifestyle.

Mindfulness Meditation Online Class
Mindfulness Meditation Online Class

*Only ONLINE sessions are available during this current times. You will receive a Zoom link once you’ve booked in. For more information, please get in touch with us.

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