Wellness Consultation

Updated: Apr 19

The intent of a Wellness Consult is to help you prioritise your wellness goals using simple & natural tools such as mindfulness, meditation, art, journal & CPTG essential oils.

If you're our doTERRA member, this process is part of a Lifestyle Overview, which is best held within couple of weeks of you becoming a member, but if, for some reason you have missed out, it's never too late to get started on your wellness routine. I mean what's the point of having elixir of life when it's stored in a treasure chest and forgotten forever. Remember, our health is best the wealth.

And even if you're not keen on wellness at the moment, these simple tools & practises go a long way and there's not just one way of reaping their benefits. So why not learn & explore all the numerous ways you could take advantage these tools in all walks of life.

If this is your first time, please fill out our 'Discovery Questionnaire' and we'll assess it before your first appointment.

Discovery Questionnaire
Download PDF • 1.08MB