Essential Oils Wellness Consultation

The goal of a Wellness Consult is to help you think about dōTERRA products in the context of your health priorities and goals. This process is part of a Lifestyle Overview, which is best held within couple of weeks of you becoming a member, but if, for some reason you have missed out, it's never too late to learn about your oils. I mean what's the point of having elixir of life when it's stored in a treasure chest and forgotten forever. And even if it's not the case with you, remember! there's not just one way of reaping the benefits of these oils. So why not explore all the numerous ways you could take advantage of your 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

For your reference, the outline for a Wellness Consult can be found on page 10 of the Live guide (purple booklet in your welcome pack).

Here's how it works

Step 1: Think Through Health Priorities, Goals, and Natural Solutions

At the beginning of the Wellness Consult we will walk through three basic things: health priorities, wellness goals, and natural solutions.

First, I will help you with three or more health priorities going through the Wellness Pyramid. These can be general, like “sleep” or “exercise.” From here, we may come up with specific and measureable 90-day goals, such as “get eight or more hours of sleep every night” or “exercise five times per week”, etc. Then, I'll help you decide which doTERRA products can assist you in achieving your goals.

Step 2: Create a “Daily Wellness Plan”

Once you have good understanding about doTERRA products in the context of your own needs, I'll help you create a Daily Wellness Plan.

Here, we'll map out specific products you should be using on a daily basis. I'll help you understand when you should be using each product by breaking your plan out into morning, afternoon, and evening protocols and we'll make sure that your wellness plan feels doable. If not, don't worry! We can adjust it as necessary.

Step 3: Determine Other Supportive Wellness Choices

Now that we've your Wellness Plan ready, we'll touch base a little on your lifestyle and help you understand that, no matter how effective a product is, it cannot supersede bad habits. For example: if you struggle with falling and staying asleep at night, but are currently watching television right before going to bed, you may want to consider trying to have at least half an hour of “no screen time” before bed to put your brain in a more restful state. Adjusting bad lifestyle habits will help you achieve your goal faster and more effectively.

Step 4: Empower With Consistent Natural Solutions

The last step of your Wellness Consult is your opportunity to ask away any questions relating to your wholesale membership so that you can get the most value out of it. This could be anything about Loyalty Rewards Program, Point Value, best way to earning & redeeming points to get FREE products of your choice, claiming FREE product of the Month or any other perks of being a member.

Understanding its Importance

The Wellness Consult is a critical component of your Lifestyle Overview — beginning of your journey towards transformation. This is where you have the opportunity to transform your challenges into tangible goals with natural solutions by your side so that you can use these products most effectively.

doTERRA aims to empower consumers with a hands-on approach to living a healthy lifestyle that allows them to customize their own journey to natural wellness. As your wellness coach, I'm here to make sure you're empowered to take the next steps and transform your life through this Wellness Consult.

You can thank me later, but first thing first, take action NOW. Action is the key to transformation. So grab this opportunity and book your First FREE online consult right away!

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