Simple steps to De-clutter and Save Serious Money


According to a research study conducted by CORE DATA suggests that an Australian home is having, on average, clutter worth of $6623, which translates to $59,361,949,000 worth of clutter Australia wide.

Now imagine what we could do with this amount of money – may be pay off our mortgage or rent or credit card, may be book that long awaited holiday for ourselves? Can we not appreciate what we are able to do with this money that may be already hiding underneath the clutter in our home all this while.

Let’s focus on how to figure out and reveal this treasure that may be hidden for so long. Do you know, that most of the clutter happens when we do not keep a stock take on a regular basis of all the items we possess and we end up keep buying duplicates of the same thing. Wouldn’t it be helpful if we already knew what we have, so that we are less likely to buy a duplicate, and save some serious money, and again, reduce unnecessary clutter?

De-cluttering & organising not only simplifies lives but also brings calm, joy, spaciousness and abundance in the space as it allows for easy flow of energy and creates positive vibe within ourselves and our surroundings.