Calming Glitter Jars are a game changer for children and even adults!

Occupational therapists use calming glitter jars to help people of all ages to self-regulate. This little jar helps melt away the troubles that are causing big emotions.

It can be very difficult for some of us to calm down and decompress on our own. Here are some of the many reasons that glitter jars will help:

  • for self-regulation
  • for autism and other special needs
  • for sensory needs
  • for big emotions and worries
  • for anxiety and stress
  • for boredom busters
  • as a timer

Mini Calming Glitter Jar

SKU: GJa/Min
  • Product dimensions:

    72mm (l) x 55 mm (dia.) approx.


    Product materials:

    Transperant glass mini jar with metal lid 

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