This Gift box is ideal to pamper someone with much deserved relaxation. It is a mini package that encourages more selfcare and helps creating calm within the body and in the room. It contains a pure blend lavender scented wax candle and a himalayan pink salt jar for a perfect spa/ bath.


This fragrant handmade candle with relaxing lavender scent of pure essential oils will fill the entire room. We make our lavender fragrance by blending pure lavender essential oil to enhance the calming notes in the space. When burned, lavender brings serenity and balance to your space along with the little light of this candle which will help set the perfect atmosphere for aromatherapy & relaxation. 

And this special treat filled with himalayan pink salt will not only detox the body but its unique positive message shall help uplift the mood as well.

Relaxation Gift Box

SKU: GBo/Rlx
  • Product dimensions:

    135mm (l) x 90 mm (w) x 60 (d) approx.


    Product materials:

    1 x A wax candle with pure blend lavender essential oil fregrance in transperant mini glass container

    1 x  A clear plastic jar with cork stopper is filled with Himalayan Pink Salt and labeled with a positive message.

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