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What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is being fully aware in the present moment purposefully and non-judgmentally. In our everyday life,we are often drawn to the big events from the past or the future but it is the little everyday moments—such as eating, getting dressed, working, caring for children, running errands, walking the dog—that make up the majority of our lives. Scientific statistics says that we are spending about 47% of our lifetime with our minds wondering in the past and future moments. It’s easy to get caught up thinking ahead, planning for the future or fantasizing about what may happen. It is just as common to focus on looking back, dwelling on the past, reminiscing, or imagining how we would have done something differently. But in fact, life happens in the present moment. Life is in the pauses, and the in-betweens on the path to somewhere, and in the process of getting things done. Life is now.

In each moment we have the opportunity to be fully present and engaged. We may embrace whatever we are experiencing right now—whether it be joy, sadness, or boredom—with kindness and gratitude. This is life, a miracle in itself. Every breath is a gift. It is a gift to be alive, to be feeling, to be aware. How we are in each moment of life, is our art. Life is a canvas and everyday living is the process of painting the canvas. When we are able to connect to this moment, we have the choice to serve to whatever or whoever is in front of us—to be a gift. Each moment is elevated by simply bringing our presence to the now. This is Mindful living with kindness and gratitude, life is good, even when it is not.

When we are putting aside our true purpose of "being" in the now, celebrating this present moment by simply running with our mind wherever it drives us in the past or in the future, we get exhausted and get easily burnout. And in the process, we change into someone other than who we are.  What if we don’t need to change, or do, or be anything other than who we are in this moment? The “answer” and all that we seek is simply being aware of whatever is right here and now. All we need to do is to be fully connected, engaged, and aware in this moment.


When we celebrate everyday living, we transform ordinary moments into the extraordinary. There is nowhere else to get to and nothing we need to change. There is nothing more divine than what is here and now. To learn more about this practice, join us at one of our "Managing Everyday life stress with Mindfulness" workshops.

Mindfulness meditation & creativity sessions are specially designed and focused to give you better understanding of you and inner workings of your Mind & Body. You will be empowered with the knowledge and tools to better manage stress from everyday life and to have healthier & happier lifestyle.

Every session constitutes uniquely crafted creative activity & some active mindfulness exercises to integrate into your daily routine along with formal meditation practice.

Mindfulness Meditation & Creativity


Thank you for a lovely mindfulness session Vrushti! I came away feeling calm and look forward to practicing my mindfulness skills!

Iris D'Souza

Melbourne VIC

By taking this beginner's program, I have learnt how to be mindful and live in the present, being conscious about the present, loving myself consciously, without judging myself. It is important for me to calm myself in the time of stressful situations and to think logically about the problem rather than react emotionally. I got much benefited by using this knowledge in everyday life, especially the information provided via handouts, videos, the practice sessions, and especially the creative activities in each sessions​. I go back to the videos often and revise things just to stay in touch with the topics covered. I believe by regular practice of meditation and mindfulness has given a much needed stress relief. Thank you for having me and taking me through the mindfulness journey. 

Bhavya Adalja

Melbourne VIC

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Learn how to apply Mindfulness in your daily routine. Transform your life with simple breathing, listening and practising active mindfulness with creativity. 

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Form a habit of practising mindfulness and gratitude in your daily routine with these 4 an hour long sessions stretched over 21 day period. You will be guided and supported throughout this program. Click here to find out the program overview.

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