7 Tips for Smart but Cost-effective Renovations

I keep getting asked about tips and tricks for a smart cost-effective renovation. I thought I should pen some popular ones here for you. Here are some top seven tips that could save a fortune on your next reno project:

DIY with friends and family
DIY with friends and family

1. Start with simple DIYs

When you have big dreams and tight budget, guess what? There are plenty of simple jobs you can do yourselves. I'd say, it is always a good idea to involve family or friends for the little price of a few drinks and a BBQ in return of their expertise and labour.

Most people, if they try, are easily capable of doing some simple jobs such as painting (though never skip on the prep), fencing, landscaping, stripping and polishing floorboards, assembling a flat-pack kitchen, simple tiling jobs, etc.

Get handy and take short lessons
Upskill and learn cool stuff

2. Get h