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6 Benefits of De-cluttering

In past couple of months, we have been discussing how to identify clutter and some common reasons leading us to clutter. But before this year ends, I wanted to discuss with you some great benefits of de-cluttering our space.

Little things changes the whole outlook
Little things changes the whole outlook

1. De-cluttering builds confidence.

So you've got X amount of room and Y amount of stuff. And now as you’re making quick decisions about whether to keep or discard items as you de-clutter and organise. This activity helps you feel confident about your decision-making skills.

Feeling confident in your decisions
Feeling accomplished

2. De-cluttering is energizing and rewarding.

Now as you are into getting-things-done mode and you’re able to start ticking things off your to-do list, you're likely to find instant rewards that make you feel more energized.

3. De-cluttering and organizing reduce stress and anxiety.

We humans are symmetrical beings and have naturally evolved with a preference for order and symmetry. When things feel out of order, it could make us feel scattered and anxious.* Creating order relieves that anxiety. Clutter can create all sorts of stress and most commonly family stress. You might find yourself arguing or snapping at your children or spouse because you've spent so much time looking for something and are now running late. De-cluttering regularly is not only a stress relief activity in itself but also could reduce these sorts of stresses.

4. De-cluttering helps in problem solving

As we have discussed, de-cluttering utilizes your decision-making skills and when you make a series of quick decisions, you’re therefore solving a series of problems along the way.

If you've been concentrating on hard cognitive work at your job or elsewhere, giving your mind a chance to snap out for a moment to de-clutter and placing things in a certain structure or following an order could help you generate further insights and could create ideal conditions for having those light-bulb moments.

Sleep like a baby
Sleep like a baby

5. De-cluttering can improve quality of sleep.

How do feel about going to sleep every night and waking up each morning in a clean, clutter-free bedroom? You may have heard that the kitchen is the most important space to keep neat and tidy, but, I believe, the bedroom is the most important room in your home to keep neat because you do the important task of sleeping in this space. I often come across people with sleeping problems cluttered surroundings. Keeping things neat and tidy could the easiest step to having better sleep.

6. De-cluttering gives you a chance of finding lost/ hidden treasures.

When you de-clutter, you often find items you'd forgotten you had. For example, I recently de-cluttered old papers in filing drawer and I found some not deposited checks and unused reward coupons. These finds can create a sense of serendipity and abundance that can boost your mood and increase your energy for tackling bigger issues.

* I'm not suggesting that everyone would benefit from working or existing in a perfectly clutter-free and organized space. There's evidence that working among some degree of mess can be energizing and can have a positive impact on creativity in certain circumstances. This is subtly different from the point that the act of occasionally cleaning up that space can also be energizing.

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