Tidy Up your Home, De-stress your Mind!

Let's just get this right, we all are guilty of allowing certain clutter to pile up around us which eventually drowns us within it. For example, piles of documents on the desk, or a heaps of laundry suffocating us and limiting us from using the actual physical space. Did you know, it is so common for such a trivial clutter to trigger stress; from physical chaos that could easily translate into distraction and nervousness.

Tidy Up Your Home, De-stress Your Mind

How does clutter impact your ability to pay attention?

Just how too many thoughts can crowd the mind, clutter feels like crowded physical space which drives our senses into over-stimulation and have an adverse impact on your ability to pay attention and process information, shown by a study from the Journal of Neuroscience. In short, it makes it hard for the brain to relax. For example, you might be trying to focus on your computer while you're working, but your desk clutter could be distracting your attention. This may lead to frustration from an inability to properly process a task.