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Power of Gratitude

This being our last blog post for 2019, we would like to reflect on our intentions for this year and visualise bigger & better for the coming 2020.

This year has been an eventful year but most importantly a year of gratitude for us at Blissful Abode. With the launch of our first gratitude art journal "My Blissful Self" late last year, we decided to start 2019 with the intention to not only experience the power of gratitude but to inspire lives around us to do the same. We started off with our fabulous giveaway column in our monthly newsletters and a daily #Gratitude post on all our social handles to invite our blissful tribe to experience the power of gratitude and help them establish a healthy habit around it. We have been blessed to be receiving such amazing feedback and support from people all over the globe who are inspired to start their own gratitude practise from the comfort of their own homes. But most importantly, what we noticed is an amazing transformation at our end just by practising this simple gratitude rituals. We are so grateful to receiving more like minded people (clients & collab alike) who are really aligned with our motto and philosophy. And it's such a joy to work with/for these people that makes us feel even more grateful.

Why Gratitude?

Because with gratitude starts healing. It is in itself a therapy and a key to life transformation. As a wellness coach, I personally would like to put "gratitude" over "forgiveness" because honestly, it's tough (and sometimes awkward and unfair) to ask someone to let go (of something or someone) but it is always rewarding to be able to show someone the other (positive) side - the light, to be grateful for when all they can see is darkness around. Attitude towards Gratitude is a mindful choice and a habit that needs to be cultivated with a constant practise. This does not mean that we always need to see the brighter side, because that would be so unreal and kind of toxic too. But what if, I tell you that there is a way you are able to acknowledge the difficult part in this moment and yet be able to receive everything that this moment has to offer with a grateful heart. Wouldn't that be amazing?

With that intention, I am inviting you to take our #4WeeksBlissfulnessChallenge and kick start 2020 and a whole new decade by introducing this simple gratitude practice that can completely transform your life for good. It is proven that anything practised for 21 days with a certain amount of discipline around it, helps rewire our brain and get us into forming a habit - setting up a reflex. #4WeeksBlissfulnessChallenge is based on the same principle and will help you easily navigate through the difficult emotions and guide you to see past it and be grateful.

It is 4 weeks of simple practice including active mindfulness exercises in some form of art or meditation, inspirational quotes, daily journaling rituals, weekly logs, mood tracker, creative activities and so much more. This little booklet in rainbow colours is not only designed to uplift your mood but also to keep you motivated throughout this magical journey of transformation and to set a positive outlook towards life.

It's perfectly suitable for all, beginners or veterans, to get started with this fun, creative and colourful ritual. If you wish to experience this magic yourself, purchase your copy today and get started creating a lifestyle filled with gratitude, art & mindfulness.

Reach out to us for more details & purchases or simply book our 4 Weeks Beginner's Program and receive your copy of this Gratitude Art Journal complementary with it.

We are so excited and love for you to share your individual experiences with this practice in the comments below or feel free to share it with #4WeeksBlissfulnessChallenge on your social pages.

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