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Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and were first been used by the ancient Egyptians for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes. They were also mentioned in the Bible (frankincense was more expensive than gold due to its highly regarded therapeutic properties). But leaving history aside, it is fascinating how powerful & potent these oils are. Let's look at some of it's practical & scientific applications.

Essential oils are now used widely in all sorts of environments and professionals like doctors, nurses, health & wellness practitioners, teachers, business executives, and even homemakers have adopted these oils to live a natural and healthy life.

Essential oils have been an integral part of our wellness for thousands of years because it is derived from plants materials such as seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruit, etc. which are easily processed by our body systems. It is our body composition and genetics that makes them so ideal for improving our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health in this modern world.

Modern medicine - pills
Modern medicine - pills

One of the bigger factors of its popularity is the rising costs and unpredictability of the healthcare system which is motivating many individuals and families to look for safe and effective complementary options. By saying that we should be mindful that Essential oils are not to replace the important role of medical and healthcare providers, but they allow us to support our own wellness at home. It is more of a proactive approach than a reactive, unlike modern medicine which aims to target the symptoms than the root cause itself. We all know that "prevention is better than the cure", just like brushing your teeth daily will keep your teeth clean & healthy.

Now let's look at what exactly are these essential oils and how are they derived?

These oils are complex aromatic essences extracted from different parts of plants according to its potency & medicinal values. The extraction process creates highly concentrated oils with powerful healing properties, particularly if the oils are 100% pure and natural. Unfortunately, not all essential oils on the market are 100% pure due to insufficient regulations in place at the moment. So one may struggle to know which ones are pure and which ones are full of additives such as chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, synthetic fillers or other contaminants.

There is no doubt that only a certified grade, pure essential oils will produce the expected therapeutic results. The company I currently source the oils from, has a rigorous testing protocol that includes intensive third party testing of every bottle of every single batch of essential oil produced. These essential oils are sourced from their natural habitat where they are indigenous. This is to ensure that the chemical compounds of the plants are the same (having been cultivated and harvested in the optimum conditions) and have the same therapeutic properties without side effects.

Therapeutic massage
Therapeutic massage

In aromatherapy, these oils are used in a multitude of ways both aromatically and topically, as their chemical structure allows them to reach the limbic system quickly, which affects your mood and emotions. These includes:

1. Diffusing one or a blend into the air in a cool air diffuser;

2. Inhaling them nasally by applying a drop to the palm of your hand or on a cloth or from the bottle directly;

3. Massaging them into the skin to the area of concern or to reflex points, usually by combining with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil. This is called dilution but it doesn’t dilute the efficiency of the essential oil. Dilution ratios vary from a person to person and are usually higher for young children and those with sensitive skin. It is highly recommended to check with your wellness consultant about the dilution ratios for yourself.

4. In an oil-infused bath.

There are other various different ways these oils are being used such as food flavouring and fragrant additives in skincare, commercially as well as in home use but when ingesting the oils one should be mindful of its properties & its dosage (ratios, proportions & apparatus are critical and should not be taken lightly). Please note, not all oils are consumable internally, always read the label first and please check with your wellness coach before ingesting any oils.

So there is not just one way to reaping the benefits of essential oils when you are considering wellness for yourself, your family or your entire home. Plus, of course, they smell great! Who doesn’t love the pure & natural scent of freshly cut flowers or the refreshing fragrance of citrus and mints!!

But remember, with essential oils, less is more. To find out how essential oils can benefit you in your wellness journey, advice on protocols & safe usage and formulate your daily and monthly wellness tracker, book your spot on our next wellness workshop today!

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