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Blissful Abode® is a unique home & lifestyle consultancy where we enhance the interiors of Home & Mind. We believe that our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being is connected to the health and well-being of our home. We feel most at home and at peace when both our inner and outer worlds are aligned. So we're here to assist you in creating space that helps you achieve exactly this.

Our services are personalised as well as online tailored to suit your requirements and offer practical ideas and tips to align your home with your lifestyle for more blissful experiences.

Feel free to check out Mindful designs & Interiors for your Home and Mindful Living & wellness services from your Mind.


Our key focus is on Mindfulness, going back to the basics, digging our roots, understanding our ancient wisdom and true meaning of human centred design and we can't advocate enough on how our homes are a reflection of our consciousness, and by bringing awareness and intention to everyday tasks there is a potential for inspiration in each and every moment. It's this intention and the energy, that we bring to the process, is truly important more than the result.

Our beliefs are strongly reflected in our work and way of living. If you find yourself resonating with our philosophy, we would love to connect with you.

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Interior Consultant & Wellness Coach
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
MBSR graduate; Certified Mindfulness Practitioner & Group Facilitator
Certified Essential Oils Specialist 
Member of Design Institute of Australia (DIA)

I'm Vrushti, I am an Interiors consultant, Wellness coach & certified Essential Oils Specialist at Blissful Abode®. With an intensive background and a strong passion for architecture & interiors, I have over 10 years experience in the home designing industry. And although being a passionate architect, working in the corporate and fast paced work-life, I soon started realising a strong disconnect with myself. But I was blessed to have my self-care tools handy with me which I had been learning as a child such as creating art and practising meditation. This almost became like a fun activity and soon I realised the true meaning of human centred approach in home design.  And thus, I choose not to be part of the factory-made housing industry anymore and to align my soul with my true purpose in life.

Meanwhile, I also became mum to a beautiful human and 3 gorgeous cats. And as like in any parenting journey, my journey in motherhood has demanded a lot of patience and a calm mind. That's when my passion for creativity and self-awareness came really handy. I graduated from a MBSR program and got certified in practising and facilitating Mindfulness groups. I realised with my background and experience in home design & self-care, I could help my fellow parents and people who struggle to cope with stress and overwhelm on day to day basis. 

I've founded this heart-centred business named Blissful Abode®, where we enhance the interiors of Home & Mind.


Apart from work, I love to create something beautiful and unique. From art works to culinary delicacies, I like to give a unique touch to everything that I create. My ideal day generally comprises of spending quality time in my garden, with my little girl and fur babies, practising some self-care such as mindfulness or some creativity, and just being myself with my family. Art, music, travel & good food always grabs my interest and I'm curious to learning new things, thinking out the box and spending time creating a beautiful home.

I value spending some of my time and energy to community welfare as I believe making a little contribution could make significant difference. 

If you feel aligned with my thoughts, I'd love to connect with you. Get in touch with me to find out more..

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— Arvind Bagla

Melbourne, Victoria

"Blissful Abode’s consultancy was thorough and took into consideration all my queries and needs for my office. I work in a high pressure environment and the focus on a clutter free and organised space has certainly benefited myself and my staff. I would recommend Blissful Abode to anyone that is looking to get office or home area designed."

Whether it’s interiors of your Home or Mind, Blissful Abode® is here for you. Read on to see some of the glowing feedback from our clients.

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