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De-clutter Your Home Using Vastu & Feng Shui Tips

If you wish to de-clutter your home letting the Universal life energy in, try these tips from Vastu & Feng Shui—the ancient wisdom from India & China that aligns building design with our well-being.

Energy Clearing
Clearing Energy within the space

Have you not been to places that feel vibrant, energetic & positive or the opposite—chaotic, congested & claustrophobic? Have you noticed why religious buildings feel sacred and serene—spaces that inspire us to let down our guard and breathe easy as soon as we step foot in them. It is less to do with religiousness and more to do with flow of the energy. You may have sensed sometimes that Zen-like peaceful quietude in someone else's home or office or a holiday retreat or may be a public garden.

We all have experienced this, that when we’re in a cluttered space, we feel tense, distracted, or tired. According to Vastu (the Indian yogic science of design), and its Chinese cousin, Feng Shui, one of the most common “life energy” blockers in our home and work space is clutter. Clutter blocks the flow of the vital life energy (known in vastu as “prana” and in feng shui as “chi”) that should flow freely through our bodies and buildings (which are also considered living organism made of the same basic natural elements like us). When this doesn't happen, it can hamper our health and prosperity.

When this life energy can flow freely within the space, it nourishes & supports us in a way that we are able to live in harmony with each other. This brings more positivity, happiness and success in whatever we choose to embark.

Now who wouldn't want to have this? Let's find out how Vastu & Feng Shui can help you de-clutter your home & let the life energy ("prana" or "chi") flow freely within you and your home.

5 Major Areas To Keep Clutter-free Using Vastu & Feng Shui

1. Northeast area

Why? According to Vastu & Feng Shui, the northeast area of your home is the best place for the pursuit of knowledge, contemplation, and spiritual practice. Having clutter here impedes your progress in these areas.

What To Do First, clear any physical clutter by following these simple steps. Then consider de-cluttering your space on an energetic level by performing pranayama (yogic breathing practices), or yogasana, or meditation (including, but not limited to, moving meditations such as tai-chi or qigong) or any other spiritual practices that are appropriate as well. Religious practices such as prayer and clearing energy rituals like burning sage or any incense or organic essential oils can also be very helpful as well.

2. Central area

Why? The center of the home is of utmost importance in both Vastu as well as feng shui. It's called the yin-yang point in Feng Shui from which all energies originate and it's called "Brahma sthana" in Vastu shastra, the center of divinity. It is the heart of the Home and if remained cluttered, blocks this vital organ to function properly.

What to do The center should always be kept clear and clean, so the Universal life energy can flow freely which would bring good vibe and freshness. To keep the Brahma Shtana open, you may need to rearrange your furniture which clears the central channel of Universal life energy consisting the essence of five basic elements.

3. Main Entry Door

Why? Vastu as well as Feng shui identifies your front door as the mouth of Universal life energy that nourishes your home. But if it’s cluttered or dirty, it gets blocked and this will bring down the energy within you as well.

What to do Entrance should remain clean, organised, and visually pleasing to bring up the positive energy within you and your home because the state of your main entry determines the quality of energy that later circulates throughout your house. So make sure that nothing is blocking the door. Then discard or move any items that don’t have a purpose in your entryway. Style & decorate with more meaningful objects & furnishings. Then ensure that every incoming and outgoing object (such as keys, coats, and shoes) has a tidy resting place, such as a drawer, closet, or cabinet.

Above this, clean the windows and the floor, so that your entrance gleams and boosts positive energy within the entire house and it feels warm & welcoming.

4. (Master) Bedroom

Why? According to both Feng Shui and Vastu, the purpose of the bedroom should be sleep and relaxation. But when it’s cluttered with paperwork, dirty laundry, or electronics, etc. it defies its purpose and distracts your energy. So instead of relaxation, you may feel overstimulated at bedtime, which can make it harder for you to fall or stay asleep and this may hamper your overall productivity & mood.

What To Do Move televisions and other screens out of your bedroom, keep paperwork and other to-do’s elsewhere, organize your closet and clear any under bed storage. Make sure every item you need has a resting place (as I commonly refer "No Homeless Stuff"), this will ensure the free flow of the "Chi" or the life force within this space and within you as well.

5. Kitchen

Why? Kitchen has a strong importance in both Vastu as well as Feng Shui. It is the power house of converting one form of energy (food or fire) to another form (life energy) and the state of your kitchen reflects and impacts the state of your health.

What To Do Regularly clean & organise your fridge, freezer, cupboards, countertops and arrange the items that belong on them in a visually pleasing and functional order. Compost old food and donate stuff you don’t actually use.

I hope you have found these tips helpful. For more de-cluttering tips and advice on Vastu and Feng Shui, get in touch with us today, or alternatively, book your consultation here.

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