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How Holistic Healing Works?

People approach me for various reasons either relating to their own well-being, their family's or their Home, but the most common reason of all I come across is finding a quick fix without needing to spend time & energy. And this is something I wanted to pen down for quite sometime, because a lot of people are out there, just willing to try everything available to quickly fix whatever unpleasant that has been showing up for them. Now what I generally find in these cases I tell you,

1. Desperation: they just want the unpleasantness - the discomfort to be gone "forever & fast" and I get it. But Rome wasn't built in a day, right! I'd like to tell them.

2. Reservation: they're doubtful and hardly have any faith that what so ever the healing method they're indulging themselves will work because they are just trying it out as a "last resort" without any confidence in themselves and probably that is how they have tried everything else that everyone had been suggesting them so far.

3. Externally driven: they see how others have benefited from something and sign up for those things in the hope that it will bring the same results to them. "If it worked for them, it might work for me too" is the kind of attitude.

4. Lack of commitment: they usually aren't prepared to invest their personal time & energy into the process and that's again because they have little to no faith in the process itself or simply they are time poor. Old habits die hard, they say.

This is what I call "problem attitude", it doesn't allow us to fully believe in our own selves - Mind, Body & Spirit - and will not let healing happen the way it needs to happen. After all, healing is an internal job.

I will ask a simple question, what happens when we have a little cut or a burn on our skin? We generally just clean it up, may be give a simple first aid if need be and then we go on minding our own business with this full faith and confidence in our body's healing abilities and by simply giving it sometime it heals on its own.

Spirituality & healing

I believe that when we arrive at a place in our own life journeys and realise that we're all spiritual beings. Everyone and everything vibrates on its own unique frequency and radiates its own energy in this Universe, the unpleasantness doesn't belong to us or one entity anymore. It is just showing up to draw our attention and our consciousness towards something that has been hidden thus far and it only means that now is the time to bring light on it, address it and learn from it. Unpleasantness and discomfort in spiritual terms are just flashing signals to uncover hidden truths about our own selves. When we get distracted with everything desirable around us and start to avoid difficult ugly undesirable happening within ourselves, our bodies manifest this in a way that we can no longer avoid or distract ourselves. Emotional pain, anger, grief, sadness are just to name a few which we usually do not wish to address or tend to avoid as much as possible but physical pain is such that we can not usually avoid. Our bodies know this, and it's their way of sending signals. A lot of people start numbing this pain as well and then it manifests into even more obvious and chronic ailment. When we fail to put ourselves out of our comfort zones to deal with the difficult/ ugly/ unpleasantness of life, our bodies does that for us time and time again.

What is holistic/ alternative healing?

It is healing that happens from root cause and upwards. It is more long term & starts with addressing the core issues relating body & mind. We first need to dive deep and find out what is it there that is causing this distress? Finding out and acknowledging the physical sensations, emotions, feelings and thoughts that arise from that discomfort/ distress/ unpleasantness, we then start formulating a wellness plan. A discipline to erase unhealthy and formulate healthy habits around it. This may or may not start showing up immediate changes or results but that's when faith comes in. Once you start this process with full faith in yourself, your own body, it knows how to heal itself when given it's own sweet time and the right kind of environment. We must not forget that we are all unique in our own ways and each one of us has got our own unique needs to be met. It is our own responsibility to understand and give ourselves the right support we need and to give our bodies full permission to do its own healing.

I hope this brings clarity & ease in your own healing journeys. I like to use tools like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, vastu/fengshui, art, food and aroma with 100% pure & natural essential oils to support and provide the right environment towards healing and wellness. What is it that you would like to use to support your well-being? Tell us in the comments below.

If you would like to find out more, feel free to reach out to me or simply book your first self-care & healing session to get started with your wellness journey today.

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