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Be your own beautiful

Be your own beautiful— you really don't need anyone to tell you that you’re awesome inside and out.

Do you remember the inner beauty shining so brightly from your eyes?

Nope! It's a good time to ponder over it and admire the inner beautiful self.

Yes, I’m an artist, I create works of art, inspired from my own life experiences of being with “self”

At times, I agree, it’s scary to feel those emotions — the overwhelm and the bliss — but that’s how we figure out what’s going on, so we don’t stay caught in the circle of fear.

You own the experiences, and you are able to create your own sense of self-worth not based upon some trite sugar-coated words even as uplifting as it can be for your soul.

Believing in yourself is an act of bravery and not always an easy one.

As you dive into the feelings that you uncover in this self discovery process—especially when you hit upon uncomfortable emotions—that takes a lot of guts and those are the feelings that make you reevaluate your world. Sit with these feelings and emotions a little longer. Be with them. Respect them. Learn from them. They are beautiful in their awkwardness. This shall bring you closer to the other side of not OK. There are no easy paths to this journey.

There may be some things too intense to deal with alone, so seek help —maybe even create some art — but stop relying on the advice of cheerleaders, as they are masking the truth of being you.

But, more than anything — be your own Beautiful — because that's how you rhyme with your soul. #BlissfulAbode

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