Clearing Energy with 5 natural elements

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When we talk about reducing stress, be it within a space outside or inside our bodies, one thing we should look into is clearing energy—because, believe it or not, we all are spiritual beings made of cosmic energy manifested into physical form using the five basic elements, i.e. earth, fire, air, water and space (It is also called "Panch Maha-bhoota" in Vastu Shastra).

Basic elements Vastu
Five natural elements

What do we mean by clearing energy?

Is it some negative or bad energy? No. There is no such thing as bad energy in Vastu or feng shui. It isn't about good or bad energy but about a perfect balance of the opposites (yin/yang or day/night or light/dark) because without the one, the other cease to exist.

When we talk about clearing energy, we are more focused towards transforming stagnant energy into motion, because we all know what happens when water is stagnant for a while (like in a pond or a puddle), it accumulates unwanted bacteria and is unfit for drinking. But the same water if its moving continuously (such as in flowing river or stream), than it may be fit for drinking. In the same way, when energy gets stagnant within the space (in your body or inside a