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Clearing Energy with 5 natural elements

When we talk about reducing stress, be it within a space outside or inside our bodies, one thing we should look into is clearing energy—because, believe it or not, we all are spiritual beings made of cosmic energy manifested into physical form using the five basic elements, i.e. earth, fire, air, water and space (It is also called "Panch Maha-bhoota" in Vastu Shastra).

Basic elements Vastu
Five natural elements

What do we mean by clearing energy?

Is it some negative or bad energy? No. There is no such thing as bad energy in Vastu or feng shui. It isn't about good or bad energy but about a perfect balance of the opposites (yin/yang or day/night or light/dark) because without the one, the other cease to exist.

When we talk about clearing energy, we are more focused towards transforming stagnant energy into motion, because we all know what happens when water is stagnant for a while (like in a pond or a puddle), it accumulates unwanted bacteria and is unfit for drinking. But the same water if its moving continuously (such as in flowing river or stream), than it may be fit for drinking. In the same way, when energy gets stagnant within the space (in your body or inside a room), it would affect our health negatively. So here we shall refer "stagnant" or "unhelpful" as negative.

Where we can find this negative energy? (in the room or in the body/mind)

1. Clutter - unused objects within the space or unhelpful thoughts or things we allow to enter in our body/mind.

2. Unused spaces - such as corners in the room or parts of the body/mind not used

3. Sometimes difficult people or situations may also build negative energy around us depending on their influence over us.

There can be many more reasons why negative energy may build up but we shall more focus on the ways to clear this energy.

So let's look at how to clear the negative energy using just these five basic natural elements.

Five elements
Letting in the Nature

One way is to just let in the Nature and it will do its work. So simply letting the sunlight, fresh air, sprinkles of water, natural greens (plants), and a direct view of the open skies can tremendously impact on our well-being.

The other way is to manually letting the panch maha-bhoota within the space, that is using these natural elements one or more at a time depending on the use of the space or body-mind and/or according to zones on the Vastu Purusha mandala (grid chart).

Clearing energy
Burning sage

1. Fire: Burning incense, sage, lighting candle or "diya" or "dhoop"

2. Water: Spray of essential oils or holy water, placing flowing water feature or water body

3. Air: clapping with hands, ringing bells or chimes, chanting mantra or soothing music

4. Earth: use of certain gem stones, crystals or rock salts

5. Space: doing some spiritual practice such as yoga or meditation or some physical body movements within the space.

There are several intricate spiritual practices to clear energy within the space. For more details and assistance, please get in touch with us or simply book your Vastu & Feng Shui consultation today.

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We would love for you to share more ideas on your personal practices on clearing energy in the comments below.


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