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Feel calm and joy with clearing clutter & organising

Clutter clearing is a practice that is embraced since ages in many cultures, yet even after all this time we continue to be amazed at just how good it feels to let go of things that are no longer serving us. It is a process to make the space more —organised, simplified, peaceful and spacious, so we could be at ease and enjoy our time in this special place. Not only does clearing clutter bring greater peace and spaciousness to our home and surroundings, but it does the same for our inner world as well.

Follow these 10 simple steps to de-clutter and organise to create the calming space in your Home and peace within your Self.

1. Reflecting on your life, values, goals and intentions and thereby, observing your thoughts and feelings as you go room by room within your home. Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed or are you in a flow, energised, present?

2. If you feel any negative emotion arising during this process, it may be because the space is not aligned with your true personality. For true and lasting happiness and fulfilment, consider Intuitive space planning to create a space that reflects your personality. Set aside clear intentions for this space on a piece of paper.

3. Thereafter begin by making space for all the dreams you have set in motion by putting your thoughts on paper, with simple affirmation like "Creating space shall bring more peace & calm (or whatever you aspire) within myself & my home"

4. Now begin with one room and complete the clearing in that room before moving on to the next.

5. Starting small—one drawer, one cabinet, one file box, taking everything out of the drawer, closet, or container first—everything. Then clean the space before putting things back. We recommend to work on the easiest (least cluttered space) first so you will have a quick and easy pay-off, thereby capturing new energy to motivate you for the more challenging areas.

6. Identifying and Sorting— Quickly browsing through each object, item & paper, and determining if the item supports you and reflects who you are or is it just taking up your time & energy and physical & psychic space that could be put to better use or a higher purpose.

7. Get the clutter out of the house right away—in the trash, donate, recycle or find a new home.

8. Now the belongings that remain with you, adds value to the space in a way that it serves some purpose in your physical and psychic world and helps bringing positivity in the space.

9. Add a little TLC to the space with your own touch. This will bring uniqueness and gives your personality to the space.

10. Remember, Less is More. Don't go adding things because you liked it. Think about how it will add value to the space. Ask whether it fits in well? Do you have a specific place in mind for it? Does it go with the personality (For example, colour theme, usage of the space, it’s lighting & ambience, it’s over all character, etc.)? If your answer to any of the questions is NO, then probably it’s not a good idea to bring it in.

As you go through this process, you shall realise;

First, that the more space we make the more room there is for the Universe to conspire for the good, as well as more room for creative expression and new and better things to come into your life—more energy, fresh ideas, like-minded people, and greater peace and harmony in the home.

Second, you will be aware that it's just not clearing clutter, but simplifying your life.

By clearing clutter and organising your home, have the opportunity to re-design your blissful life!

Getting rid of unnecessary and making room for what we aspire is a spiritual cleansing and healing process and not just some trivial mundane activity. It relieves stresses and builds a beautiful and calming space that tunes in with your mind to bring in positivity.

Walk away freer, lighter and happier with our Clearing clutter & organisation services.

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