Feel calm and joy with clearing clutter & organising

Clutter clearing is a practice that is embraced since ages in many cultures, yet even after all this time we continue to be amazed at just how good it feels to let go of things that are no longer serving us. It is a process to make the space more —organised, simplified, peaceful and spacious, so we could be at ease and enjoy our time in this special place. Not only does clearing clutter bring greater peace and spaciousness to our home and surroundings, but it does the same for our inner world as well.

Follow these 10 simple steps to de-clutter and organise to create the calming space in your Home and peace within your Self.

1. Reflecting on your life, values, goals and intentions and thereby, observing your thoughts and feelings as you go room by room within your home. Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed or are you in a flow, energised, present?

2. If you feel any negative emotion arising during this process, it may be because the space is not aligned with your true personality. For true and lasting happiness and fulfilment, consider Intuiti