The Story of Blissful Abode®

Updated: Apr 19

In my day to day, I often come across some very curious minds who are keen to know why I am doing what I am doing and how Blissful Abode's philosophy is one of the kind.. a breakthrough approach in home design and well-being.

A Home is your paradise
A paradise

I ask them to close their eyes and take three deep breaths, then I ask them to go to a place where they feel safe and happy, a sanctuary - a paradise, where they can relax , unwind and rejuvenate. Then as they open their eyes, I ask them if the place they visualised is their current place of residence. If not, then I would suggest it's time to re-think. I would let them know that I help people make their place of residence a sanctuary - that paradise.

Today, I'm going to share with you the vision - the story of Blissful Abode® . As the name suggests it literally means happy and peaceful home. Now when we talk about happiness here, it's not the space that's happy, but we are referring to the people residing in it who essentially contribute to making a house a home. And so, the logo depicts, human is in the core when it comes to designing peaceful home and only a calm and joyous mind could help make it blissful.

Blissful Abode - Logo
Blissful Abode - Logo

With a degree in Architecture, I have over ten years of industry experience in home design & interiors with a strong inclination towards human-centred approach to design & well-being. I'm also a mum to three beautiful girls (a li